The Missing Plane

by Rosebud Kennedy

A few years ago, the amazing story of the missing airplane was in the news, receiving almost constant coverage when it was first announced. The broadcasters and reporters made it sound as if the aircraft had entirely disappeared leaving no traces behind but leaving so many people perplexed as to what had really happened. Search parties were sent out in an attempt to locate the wreckage. Although some reports gave the impression that the plane had evaporated into the unknown as if an extraterrestrial event had taken place. Over a month went by without a clue leaving little hope in finding survivors.

After much effort, it wasn’t until a unique person located the crash site in “deep” Asian waters. As usual in these kinds of disasters, the world’s greatest life-saver was there, a woman all on her own, recognized as the “Messiah” or as others call her “The Holiest one”. Some even refer to her as “The Holy Spirit”. She is indeed a Savior. She has proved it throughout her life over and over again!!! In fact, she conducted a miracle or rather a series of miracles or preferably a feat based upon scientific and spiritual knowhow in order to save the lives of the young people traveling abroad the missing plane.

Mostly Koreans were on that flight taking them to a special arts camp, only leaving parents and loved ones distressed and confused after announcing that the plane had disappeared. Were they grateful when the woman rescued their lives in the most unusual way as if the most incredible miracle had taken place?

After a time period exceeding at least a month, the young Koreans who drowned due to the crash were left at the bottom of the waters. Their bodies having become corpses were obviously in a state of decay while a few others remained on the surface and managed to survive for a few days in the critical conditions of the after-crash. They were resuscitated by the woman as in a miracle. In spite of the length of time spent locating the aircraft smash and the state of the victims upon finding them, a wonder did take place. The woman compared to the Virgin Mary for having conducted so many marvels all over the world for so many years did her best to save the lives of these young people, some only being teenagers. When one is just starting out in life, it seems such a pity that they would die so soon without having time to experience life itself.

With three different kinds of victims, this life-saving task was quite an endeavor. Once accomplished, one would think that those saved by her would be eternally grateful! But for some odd reason it has become a tendency to offer only HATE in return for so much LOVE, CARE & PEACE!!! Why should one go to so much trouble when one now knows only hate can become of it due to the horror of people’s behavior focused on violence and only on them as if they were all heroes without making the slightest effort to do so. Most likely the lifesaving process involved in the missing plane story will never take place again for it would now seem that no one at this present day deserves to be saved ever again. This would be the case unless human behaviors were to change and shift from hate to caring for one another. It has become an almost impossible task.  Societies are now promoting hatred and destruction which are not motors for peace giving!

Was the medal given to the life-saver? In other words, to the one who deserved it, to the one who conducted the lifesaving actions, to whom the medal is devised for? Or was a manipulative action conducted as a form of high-treason in order to promote evilness among peoples rather than reward the lifesaver?

To commemorate such a phenomenon, a particular book was launched once again on June 23 2018, in its original version dating back to June 2014. The author is Peggy Nille which is one of the pen names of the miracle worker. The title is very appropriate “Hidden in the Sea”, based on a game of searching and finding images of a vast variety of fish. The ordeal in rescuing lives in the missing plane story took on the same lure. In this book, each fish symbolizes one of those who were saved by the miracle worker. In fact, it is a visual book and its purpose is to never forget how those young Koreans were saved.

At the site of the wreck, some of the passengers’ bodies were reported missing. This is not a surprise considering the lapse of time between the crash and the recovery. If some of the bodies were in a state of decay others had already been eaten by dwellers of the deep waters of the sea, whether they be fish or other inhabitants of this environmental location. Only mathematical calculations of the most complicated kind involving time, space, bodily functions and distance traveled were led by the lifesaver to track down the fish having digested the victims’ flesh still contained in their system as a means for identification and revitalization.  In this process based on measured awareness, the ecosystem and the biosphere of the surrounding area were taken into account as part of this quest.

In order to find the others for whom no remains had been found left at the bottom of the sea. Another method had to be used in order to locate the whereabouts of their flesh within the stomach of the fleeing fish so fast in their swimming. Any belongings once worn or touched by the deceased one would be approached by the lifesaver that would come into contact with any of the residues of the chromosomes constituting a basis for recovering life. This would then lead to a series of mathematical calculations, in order to find their position.

Once locating the fish which had consumed the body chunks or particles, a miracle was conducted reviving the victim thanks to whatever was left of him or her within the body of the fish. The piece became the whole. One can marvel at such an achievement in bringing back life from a tiny fragment.  All the young people were revived by the miracle worker. All are healthy and going on with their lives.

Recently, in September and as early on in as August, a Tsunami hit that area of the world. Once again the woman recognized as the “Messiah” for at least the twelfth time saved so many lives conducting the most incredible miracles. Was she rewarded for her immense contribution to those Asian countries or were her medals taken once again by some gangsters who stayed quietly in the safety of their homes while she risked her own life to save others as true Heroes do ? How unfair to mistreat a lifesaver to the benefit of satanic worshippers?!?




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